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Sacred Birth Package

An exploration of the sacred anatomy and how birth works.
Offering hands-on sessions, exploring techniques and tools to enhance comfort in late pregnancy and to integrate during labor as well as a primer on aromatherapy to enhance the experience of birth.

Learning to integrate tools of meditation, deep listening and self-care that support mental and emotional well-being during pregnancy and preparation for labor.

An examination and tune up of your dietary and lifestyle practices to help better align you with your goals during pregnancy to assist with optimal well-being.

Education and support to enhance breastfeeding success and satisfaction within scope.

  • Phone, email, FaceTime & text message support during care
  • Photos of birth and newborn baby (optional)
  • Access to extensive birth experience and knowledge of labor and birth
  • Pathways of preparation for your postpartum period
  • Postpartum home visit within 4 weeks after the birth (optional)
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Serene Postpartum Package

Hands-on, one-on-one postpartum care to support the transition to new motherhood and increase maternal satisfaction.

Getting confident in how to take care of baby, get all of your questions answered.

An integration of the best foods to optimize breastfeeding and boost energy postpartum and a dive into self-care and circle of support for new mothers.

Education and support to enhance breastfeeding success and satisfaction within scope.

4-8 week contracts available
• 24/7 Email/Text/Phone & FaceTime support for up to 4 weeks postpartum (if needed)
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Newborn Care Specialist Package

Offering compassionate, educated and specialized support to parents with the principals of caring and assisting in every aspect of a newborn's life. Educating the family on recognizing baby cues, supporting through growth spurts and sleep progressions, responsive care, mindful sleep support, sleep conditioning, positive sleep habits, daily routines,  breastfeeding/formula feeding , navigating and troubleshooting through colic, reflux , and  oral restrictions .
  •  Text/Email support throughout course of care
  •  Access to extensive knowledge and resources
  • 4-8 week contracts available  contract hours 160 minimum
  • 8-12 hours a night ( daytime support may be available)
  • Virtual package is available
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Custom Virtual Doula Package

Audio, video and text communication to support clients at a distance and help with troubleshooting, working through certain challenges or preparing for various milestones. Any package or specialized service can be customized into a virtual option.

Text/Email support throughout course of care
• Access to extensive knowledge and resources

Bump Birth & Beyond Add on Services

Meal Prep Assitance

Eating a nutritious diet during pregnancy is linked to good fetal brain development, a healthy birth weight, and it reduces the risk of many birth defects. Your diet is just as important during the postpartum period. It helps your body recover and gives you the energy you need to care for your little one.

Baby Registry/ Nursery Concierge

Baby Concierge is officially your personal baby planner! Our goal is to prepare, educate, and support you and your family through creating an essential baby registry with the safest and highly recommended products, offering nursery safety checks and organizing as well as setting up your postpartum stations.
Virtual services or In person

Mother Blessing Ceremony

A Mother’s Blessing, also known as a blessingway, is an opportunity to create a moment in time that celebrates and honors pregnant persons and their journey into birth. This ritual is derived from a Navajo tradition that recognizes and honors the journey of pregnancy and the transition of birth as a momentous occasion in life. It is a celebration of pregnancy and birth as a sacred and unique journey where the collective energy of love can help guide through birth.

Baby & Tot Chef
Intro to Solids & Beyond

Our mission is to provide safe, healthy, tasty and palate pleasing foods and meal plans for babies and tots. We eliminate the burden of worrying if there are high levels of inorganic arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury which was recently found in some of the top and well know brands of baby food both organic and non organic.

Parent Guide

As a parenting coach I help with a variety of things. 
Such as sharing effective ways to address issues such as aggression, sibling rivalry, and defiance.
Help parents find ways to take care of themselves and manage  stress.
Assist parenting during transition or crisis: 

Potty training consultant

As your potty training consultant, I help you troubleshoot your potty training obstacles and get your child on the path to success. We will  work closely together, virtually or in person, to create a plan that works the best for you and your child. 

Virtual Preschool Lessons

Virtual Preschool consist of a weekly theme and will always include the color , shape, letter and number of the week. Each day will consist of Circle Time activities in English as well as Spanish and ASL.  Come join us as we learn through play, music and movement!