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Nina is a highly-recommended and professional perinatal specialist that serves in many different areas throughout the journey of parenthood, but is mostly known for her hybrid daytime postpartum, overnight newborn care services and her comprehensive coaching sessions that are specifically tailored to guide parents and caregivers in setting age appropriate daily routines and sleep habits.

She has 10+ years of experience of family support and a burning desire for sharing her passion for empowering, educating and guiding families.
Nina was born to a family where the value of having “A village” was prioritized. It brings her joy to pour into the community and become part of the village for families nationwide!

She takes pride in highlighting all people and understands that they deserve to be honored and supported as they embark on the most challenging, heart full-filling and expressive journey.
Being an advocate is being on one accord and meeting families where they are emotionally, spiritually and physically.



Here's what our customers have to say:
Nina has been an excellent help to me as a first time mom. We work together virtually being that I am in California. She has helped me create my baby shower registry and continues to recommend the needed essentials we may need for each stage, provides breastfeeding education, infant car safety information , supports me with instilling positive sleep habits and has assisted me with a personalized routine that works best with my baby's natural flow. She has a lot of knowledge of prenatal , birth, and postpartum care and is very patient and kind. Currently we have been working together for 8 months and she is currently helping me on how to introduce solids. Her passion for what she does is what makes her so great to work with. I highly recommend her services.
— Shawanna E.
I highly recommend Nina Simmons, personally. For every service relating to mom, baby, and child Nina is truly an expert in her field. Her dedication and experience speak for themselves, and having her expertise as a resource available to my family has been a blessing so many times.
 Nina has assisted me in many things relating to prenatal, postpartum, and toddler support. To name just one of many examples Nina was able to help me custom curate a list of sustainable and natural baby supplies when I was expecting, was readily available to answer any doula related questions I may have had during my pregnancies, has been available in the middle of the night for postpartum support when I was awake with my newborn and my mind was racing. 
Beyond prenatal and postpartum doula support, Nina has been a wonderful influence to my 3 year old daughter, who participates in a virtual learning session with Nina twice a week. Nina proficiently speaks both English and Spanish which she has used to teach my daughter both languages. Nina Simmons is truly the best in the business at what she does, I cannot recommend her enough.
— Bailey M.
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"  Nina was our nanny for almost a year. From the moment we met her, We knew my son was going to be well cared for. She is warm hearted, silly, and responsible. My son adored her as a playmate and respected her as an authority. Through play and music, Nina helped him learn colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better. She was able to be silly with him and discipline him when needed. She assisted in potty training and as a first time mom, I needed the help and she was great! Nina made us feel like she thoroughly enjoyed coming to work and spending time with our son. In less than a year she was able to teach my son Spanish to the point that he began speaking it. She moved a few months ago, or we would have tried to keep her here forever! She was overall such a positive in my son's behavior, development, and learning. Anyone that has the opportunity to have Nina work with their child will not regret it. 
— Stephanie K.

Nina nannied for my daughter for one year between the ages of 14 months and 26 months. At 21 months, my daughter was diagnosed with autism. Her delays were substantial. Although Nina had no formal training working with children on the spectrum, she instinctively knew how best to care for her. Some people just “have it,” and Nina is one such person. 
She never treated my daughter like she was “disabled.” She cared for her with patience, love, nurture, and expectations. She set consistent boundaries for her, provided a safe environment for her, and kept her engaged with a variety of age-appropriate activities that my daughter enjoyed. She sang to her, read to her, and provided her with a variety of sensory and educational activities. When my daughter’s ABA services began, I had the opportunity to observe how her ABA techs interacted with her, I immediately recognized that Nina had been interacting with her in similar ways. Although Nina’s job was to care for my youngest daughter, she was happy to prepare lunch daily for my four older children whom I homeschooled, which was also a big help for me. 
Nina stayed with our family until my daughter’s autism services began and we no longer needed her, but we have remained friends to this day. Nina comes to all of my daughter’s birthday parties and many of my other children’s as well. She is even included in some of our family photos, as she became a member of our family during the year she was with us.
 In addition to nannying, she is highly passionate about her work as a doula. I was pregnant with my sixth child during the time Nina was nannying for my daughter. Though I did not hire a doula, she offered me support in many ways. I highly recommend Nina as a nanny, doula, and general family assistant.
— Erin S.


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